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Stickerbook «Sticker Cook Book»

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Stickerbook - a universal helper for the Bullet Journal or diary.

Why is it cheaper to buy a stickerbook at once?

  • you will save a lot, about 22 UAH on each set of stickers, and there are as many as 20 sheets inside;
  • all illustrations are drawn by one author: in one style, color scheme, so they are perfectly combined. Your glider will look like a picture book that brilliantly complements the text;
  • this is a ready-made selection of sticker packs that will facilitate planning and at the same time give you the opportunity to get creative. Bomber functional nets with inscriptions and icons / arrows and mega-cozy nets with characters and thematic details are collected.

Author's, unique, lovingly created stickers from Vanilka are an inspiration and a way to express yourself. And the format of the stickerbook is also an additional guarantee of the orderliness of your stickers.

Brand:Izobova Katerina
Series:Girls for Izobova Katerina
Thematic selections:Confectionery
Number of sheets:20
Size:105 х 150 mm
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