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Stickerbook is a collection of our author's stickers on a certain topic. It has everything you need to keep a planner, notebook or personal diary. Each sticker book has a different number of pages and stickers. The sheets are detachable, but securely fixed with an elastic band. In order not to buy each sticker pack separately, you can buy a book with stickers and save even more.

There is a great variety of stickers in our online store:

Graphic, watercolor, author - created by our own hands especially for our sticker books, for planning and entering Bullet Journal, for designing a diary and a notebook. There are many options for their use.

Stickerbook is more than just a book of stickers

Our unique series of sticker books are simply created for the modern active girl who loves sports, shopping, beauty salons, beautiful designs, cool gifts, coffee, and making aesthetic posts on Instagram. Planning and creativity are an integral part of her life.

We took a very responsible approach to creating a series of sticker books, so we covered many topics that will surely interest you:

  • fashion and shopping;
  • hobbies and professions;
  • rest, vacation;
  • fitness and healthy eating;
  • coffee, wine and sweets;
  • botany, indoor plants, flowers;
  • studies and books;
  • planning and BuJo.

Who will like our author's stickerbooks?

Cool and modern products - for those who understand beauty, who know trends and like to pamper themselves with something pleasant and unusual. You will like our sticker books if:

  • you think that decorating a diary with all kinds of "cute" stickers and colorful markers is not childhood, but a creative expression of personality,
  • one of your favorite departments in stores is the beautiful stationery,
  • you like to surround yourself with attractive things that lift your mood.

And what if all of the above is no longer about you, but about your bestfriend? Then you can buy her a sticker book as a gift to please her from the bottom of your heart, right?

Why should you buy a sticker book from Stickers Vanilka:

  • Sticker books have different themes so that everyone can choose the most interesting one for themselves.
  • Buying a book will cost you more than buying a sticker pack with stickers separately.
  • A great gift for a sister, mother, friend or work colleague.

  • And this is only a small part of the advantages, because the scope of using stickers is limited only by your imagination.

    Do you want a sticker book? Choose quickly!