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Sticker sheet for planner "Сircle for scrapbooking"
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Stickers sheet for planner and BuJo «Girl's dreams»
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Sticker sheet for planner "Financial tracker"
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Sticker sheet "Spring Daters"
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Mini stickers

Do you like to have everything beautiful in your notebook or planner, but don't want to waste time? Check out what's in our Stickers Vanilka online store. These mini stickers are made for you: varied, stylish and high quality.

Mini stickers for BuJo

Our talented artists have created small stickers for Bullet Journal lovers. BuJo is a quick notepad system that helps you organize your goals in a way that makes it easy to achieve them in a short period of time, and also to focus on the main thing in life. Vanilla has these little stickers just for you to speed up the design.

There are six main blocks in the Bullet Journal system:
1. Monthly log - stickers with different months were created for it, so as not to sit with a ruler and markers behind the spread design, but to stick creative pictures completely different for each month of the year. And we also have a cool sticker pack "Grid for a month". It all makes your planning a lot easier.
2. Bullet Journal Authors' Collections are diferent lists. For this case, Stickers Vanilka offers small stickers in a large assortment, just look:
  • "Morning Routine",
  • "Music mini",
  • "Shopping list",
  • "Domestic chores",
  • "Cycle",
  • "Weather".
 With these mini stickers, you can plan anything, and they will also inspire you to plan everyday activities or events.

3. Index - in order to better navigate in a notebook, you need such details as those pictures on the stickers:
  • "Doodles",
  • "To do list" and "TO DO",
  • "DOT",
  • "Folders",
  • "Icons",
  • "Numbers",
  • "Blue Numbers".
 This is just a find! Do not waste too much time on decoration, but quickly stick a bright accent.

4. Future log - do not keep in mind the plans, goals, dreams, events that should be this year. Write them in a notebook, and our little stickers "Calendars" will be helpers.

5.Daily log - free your mind, daily write down everything that worries you, what you dream about, or your ideas and plans. Stickers "Bullet Journal" and "Girl's dreams", stickers "Mini" and "Days of the week" will come in handy.

6. Final review of deeds and intentions. Our notebook helps you analyze your notes to determine whether to reschedule or cross out. For convenience, Winter stickers "Winter" and stickers "Summer" are suitable.

If you are lost in our assortment, I advise you to choose right away
Stickerbook "For planning" 2022. It has everything you need for easy and stylish planning, and you will also save money.

Mini stickers in your notebook are relaxation and inspiration that we need so much today.
Buy for yourself, girlfriend and sister. Such a sedative will definitely come in handy. And in this way you will support the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Dream, plan, live!