How to keep a habit tracker in a notebook so as not to give up?
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How is it possible to fulfill the promise every day and not postpone it from Monday to Monday? Actually very nice. Therefore, I will share one of the secrets of productivity - I will talk about “habit trackers”.

Let’s first understand what a habit tracker is. This is a method that makes it easy to introduce new activities into your daily routine. Trackers are very different: with their help, you can track the number of books read, and monitor or drink your daily water intake.

5 compelling reasons why you need a familiar tracker in your notebook

The habit tracker is great because...

  1. This is motivation. If you spent so much time on the layout and layout of the spread with the right tracker, then the voice of conscience simply will not allow you to leave it blank. The tracker acts as a kind of obligation on paper or an agreement with one's own laziness. And the free cage challenges your procrastination.
  2. This is a constant control over achievements. I know that over time it is forgotten how much effort and daily work are behind this or that achievement. The tracker helps you not to give up on the way to your goals, and also works as a reminder. Agree, it's nice to go back to the old spreads and see how expediently you stuck to the plan.
  3. Even if there are small deviations or omissions - do not think to reproach yourself. Better focus on the joy of each "done" mark.
  4. This is a reward for effort. Do you remember how, as a child, you sincerely rejoiced at the “star” for success or the “sun” in your diary. These symbols were a reward for efforts. The habit tracker works according to the same scheme, only now you put, glue or draw marks yourself.
  5. This is concentration. When you have to remember a dozen routine tasks at the same time, as a result, you do not perform a single one, at least regularly. At best, you will read 50 pages three times a month and do morning yoga for several days in a row. I think you understand me. The tracker is needed so as not to get lost in the whirlwind of cases.
  6. This is a boost in self-discipline. The tracker helps you start small to achieve big goals. After all, a daily 15-minute morning exercise in the future develops into good health and a flexible body. It's cool indeed.

How to make completing a habit tracker an interesting process?

Although unpredictable blackout schedules have proven that in a few hours you can do everything and even more. But no one has canceled the traditional methods of increasing productivity.

So if you haven’t practiced keeping a tracker yet, I advise you to at least try it.

So that the habit tracker in your notebook does not look boring and too serious, be sure to come up with a creative design.

First you need to decide what exactly you want:

  • Have one single spread per month with a list of all habits to track. Such a tracker looks like a huge table.
  • Divide trackers by topic. For example, take a separate spread to track the number of pages read per day, another for daily beauty affairs, the next one for training, and so on as much as you like.

For the combined tracker, you can choose a unique style or design in the general style of a notebook. But with separate trackers it's even more interesting. On our site there are sticker packs on various topics, specially created for pages with trackers.

Checkmark stickers deserve a separate hobby, which can be used instead of marks. Because gluing a miniature sticker on the site of a completed task is really childishly exciting.

By the way, I figured out how to inspire you to try keeping a tracker of good habits for at least a month. To this end, I compiled a list of popular tracker ideas among my clients.

  • Track the number of books read, films or series watched, movie premieres or theater performances attended. Choose according to your preferences.
  • Write down the volume of new words learned in English or another language that you plan to improve.
  • Monitor the performance of morning exercises or exercises for relaxation, meditation, yoga. Here, too, choose what you like best.
  • Control water balance.
  • Track sleep: You can mark the days when you managed to fall asleep before midnight or record the daily amount of sleep in hours.
  • Keep a finance tracker: track daily expenses or set a goal to save a small amount every day.
  • Wake tracker to develop the habit of getting up in the morning.
  • The beauty routine tracker will help you remember to put on your favorite mask or don't be too lazy to do a facial massage.
  • Mood tracker to keep track of how you feel.

I also want to advise you our designer undated eco-planners in which there are specially designated sections for the habit tracker. And the ring mechanism of the notepad allows you to move the pages as it is convenient for you. Use the promo code eco-10 and get a discount on the ecoplaner and blocks for filling it  -10%.

Take ideas, adapt for yourself and use with pleasure. And let the layout with the office from Vanilka turn into your favorite fun.

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