«Project Summer 50» - prepare yourself for summer with Vanilka™
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Here it is - the answer to the question: "How to change your life for the better in 50 days." Read the article, download the gift template and get good habits by this summer.

We love summer for many things, but above all, because this time of the year has become synonymous with renewal, vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions. It seems that the warm sun easily highlights the best aspects of life, energizes us, prepares us for personal achievements and dreams.

However, you should not rely only on the magical effect of vitamin D. To add color to everyday life, to become an even better version of yourself and achieve what you planned, you need to make an effort.

Get ready, I’ll tell you what Project 50 is and how the idea arose that you can start changing your life for the better with Stickers-Vanilka.

Project 50 is a world-famous mental and physical health website based challenge. He became viral in the vastness of TikTok, Instagram and became a real trend. The bottom line is to follow 7 simple steps for 50 days and achieve positive results as a result.

What's with Vanilla?

A friendly community has grown and strengthened around our brand. We communicate with clients, share life hacks and planning secrets, and also generate ideas for future innovations. So why not help each other?

The Vanilka™ team has prepared an author's digital template Project 50 and invites you to join together.

They are waiting for you:

  • A completed checklist with ready-made tasks - you don’t need to invent anything, just complete simple, useful tasks every day and report by marking.
  • A graphed but unfilled checklist is a free space for fantasy, where you decide for yourself what important rituals should be added.

Why take advantage of the offer and participate in Project 50?

  1. A ready-made solution for self-development: we have all formed and beautifully designed, all that remains is to use and enjoy.
  2. Additional motivation: consider that by downloading the aesthetic tracker from Vanilka ™, you made a promise to finish what you started.
  3. The opportunity to join the global trend, consciously enter new habits into the routine and take the path of improvement.

It is symbolic that the deadline I have chosen is the beginning of summer. However, the template adapts without problems for any time.

Since you are in the Vanilka™ club, get an author's design tracker template in electronic format for free.

Why exactly 50 days?

If you've tried to introduce new habits in 21 days before and nothing worked, don't be discouraged.

There is news: you just fell into the 21 days trap. What I mean?

In recent years, the media space has popularized and actively spread the erroneous assertion - the myth that it takes only 21 days to automate a certain behavior.

In fact, a person needs from 50 to 60 days to assimilate and work out a new one. These are the figures that modern research shows.

So, let's divide life together into "before" Project 50 and "after", turning the serious business of forming good habits into a fun game.

Where can I get a template?

And now for what everyone has gathered for, a link to the design template from Vanilka™.

Go, download, use - click here.

Share the link to the article with your friends, family and acquaintances. Let them join too. Let's change for the better and achieve our goals together, because it's more fun in a company. Moreover, the best friend can be the person who will motivate you to bring the matter to the end.

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