Effective planning: what to write in a notebook to easily organize things, conquer waves of deadlines, achieve your goals and enjoy it all.
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How to keep a notepad?

This is the question that is most often hammered into Google searches by those who are just beginning the path to self-organization with a pen and notepad. Therefore, in today's article, I have collected the main life hacks, tips and tricks.

The glider is the thing that will be with you almost everywhere. This is a kind of magic wand that knows when and where the meeting with the client is scheduled, what time the English class is, when you need to congratulate your friends on their anniversary, and many more important little things for you.

But what if you don’t know how to fill out a notebook for a month, let alone a year? Don't worry, there are people who are masters of this skill and willing to share their knowledge.

So, keep a checklist from Vanilla what a beginner should do:

  • subscribe to thematic Youtube channels: video instructions are very helpful at first (I immediately remind you of Vanilla's Diary on YouTube - there will be many useful and sincere videos here, join);
  • create a Pinterest board for motivation: save your favorite designs, repeat them and don't be afraid to go beyond;
  • Finding pages of BuJo adherents in social networks is another inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Remember: "It's scary only at the beginning."

What to write about in a notebook?

There is only one rule: in your notebook you can write down whatever you want: from things of the thousandth level of importance to your favorite motivational quotes.

However, there is a danger that you will have to flip through the pages several times to find the note you need. Just in case, I have some cool glider organization ideas to help fight the chaos.

Think carefully about what to write in a notebook, make a list of topics.

For example: it is important for you to keep track of finances, control the implementation of goals and keep track of what you read. Therefore, you will allocate several pages for the financial tracker, another spread will be responsible for the reading tracker, and you will also need space for the wish card. It is important to understand the approximate length of entries in a particular area in order to allocate enough space for each section.

Yes, by dividing the planner into categories and arranging navigation that is convenient for you, you will definitely not get lost in the records.

Life hack: stickers will help make this whole thing easier. Choose association stickers for each spread, so that when leafing through a notebook, visually remember where you are.

By the way, we have a separate section of craft stickers for planning on our website: these are small icons, and stickers with popular inscriptions: Ukrainian and English, and much more.

Stickers greatly simplify the design and help beginners a lot: with them, an aesthetic turn immediately comes out and motivation is not lost.

Come up with your own notepad system or adapt an existing one for yourself.

The currently most popular planning method is BuJo (Bullet Journal). This is a ready-made collection of rules and tips from web designer Ryder Carroll.

This is a kind of instruction, following which it is easy to find a balance between individual creativity and effective organization of space in your planner.

The main thing is to remember that BuJo is not a collection of laws and no one will judge you if you do not like some of the recommendations.

Yoga gurus say: “Listen to your body and do each exercise to the best of your ability,” and I, as a planning guru, say: “Listen to your inner feelings and apply those tips that are close to your heart.”

I have a detailed article on my blog where I introduce Bullet Journal. Read and learn helpful tips.

How to fly a glider so as not to burn out?

Even the most beloved activity can easily get bored. I've put together a few tips for you to help keep your thirst for planning.

  1. Don't force yourself. Now, if you feel that today is 100% “not a planning” day, allow yourself to be lazy and reschedule the planning session for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
  2. Combine pleasant with pleasant. Agree that coffee and your favorite dessert are well savored alone, but together - it's just fireworks. For example, you can plan to your favorite music. Or sit down to fill out a notepad against the backdrop of a cool movie. The only thing I advise you to choose is light films that will not distract, but will set the right mood and atmosphere.
  3. Turn note-taking into a game by adding some creativity to your planning routine. Stickers are here to help.
  4. Join the community. People with whom you can discuss, consult and even laugh at thematic memes are worth their weight in gold. So, look for those who speak the BuJo language. By the way, this is one of the reasons why I created my own telegram channel and actively run Vanilka's social networks. Not only to sell stickers, but also to get the necessary motivation and communication.

I hope my advice is useful to you, dear.

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